SGCA RW (TICA), World Premior WCF Master (WCF)
Elisey Verooka

Best Siberian Kitten in EN Region (2015)
RW - 5 Best Alter in EN Region (2016)
RW - 16 Best Alter in EN Region (2017)


The cat is neutered

Color: SIB d 24 03 - red spotted tabby with white
Db: 11.11.2014
Father: Gr.Int.Ch. (FIFE) NW BG
Cardam Sibirela (SIB n 24 03)
Mather: W.Ch. (WCF) QGC (TICA)
NW Mittelmeijer Taptalana Verooka
 (SIB d 22)
Breeder: Ekaterina 
Sushkevich (Kovaleva)
Owner: Ekaterina Sushkevich (Kovaleva)






World Ch. (WCF) Dobroslav Chingi-Tura

The cat is neutered
Color: SIB ds 24 - red silver spotted tabby
Db: 10.09.2008
Dad: W.CH (WCF) Lukjan Chingi-Tura
         (SIB ns 21)
Mom: I.Ch. (WCF) Katrina Chingi-Tura
         (SIB e 21 09)
Breeder: Nikolaeva Ekaterina
               (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Owner: Sushkevich (Kovaleva) Ekaterina


PKD: ultrasound
(Dr. Irina Inozemtseva, D.V.M., Ph.D.)
23.04.2011 - NEGATIV
HCM: ultrasound 
(Dr. Irina Inozemtseva, D.V.M., Ph.D.)
23.04.2011 - NEGATIV


Dobroslav (Bronya, Bro) a surprising cat with very independent and at the same time tender and good-natured character. Talkative, sympathetic, unostentatious, playful, curious, accurate, smart, well and the prankish (red after all is a little =)))). Bronechka is distinguished by large heavy frame, a bright color, excellent "Siberian" quality of wool.