"Cup of Odessa 2013" on March 09-10, 2013

On March 09-10 in Ukraine there took place an exhibition the First Commonwealth of WCF & TICA "Cup of Odessa 2013"

Our cattery, as a part of three cats - Mittelmeijer Taptalana Verooka, Izhitsa Zaimka and the baby Verooka's cattery - Garmoniya Verooka participated in this exhibition, as on WCF system (adult cats), and on TICA (all three cats).

Following the results of an exhibition, our Siberian girl, a kitten - Garmoniya Verooka became the victory!!!  In only 5 months Garmoniya subdued TICA show, entered into 12 finals from 12 possible!!!!

Also there was a TOP the 2nd kitten of a TICA show!!!!

3, 3, 3 - places from Nancy Parkinson (USA)
5, 2 - places from Mary Lise De Landtsheer (Belgium)
2 - places from Genevieve Paquet-Franc (Belgium)
4, 4, 3 - places from Pascal Remy (France)
2L, 1L, 1L - places from Vlada Beninya (Russia)

I congratulate our cattery Verooka on successes of the magnificent child, an asterisk, soul balm - Garmoniya Verooka!!!! 

Not less successfully our child Garmoniya, her mummy - Izhitsa Zaimka * UA

Following the results of a WCF exhibition - Izhitsa closed the title Grand Inter Chempion, received the first assessment of CACE (the candidate in the European champions), received both days of the nomination on BEST!!! !

Following the results of a TICA exhibition - Izhitsa entered into 4 finals from the 8 rings !!!! Earned necessary points, closed at once three titles and there was Duble Grand Chempion TICA!!!!!!

4, 7 - places from Pascal Remy (France)
3L, 2L - places from Vlada Beninya (Russia)

I congratulate our cattery Verooka on successes of the remarkable Siberian dam - Gr.Int.Ch.(WCF) DGC (TICA) Izhitsa Zaimla * UA!!!!  

Also at an exhibition, Mittelmeijer Taptalana Verooka, supported the girlfriends and pleased us with title Chempion WCF closing, receiving the first assessment of CACIB (the candidate in the international champions), and also the nominations on BEST in the second day of an exhibition!!!!

I congratulate our cattery Verooka on successes of the incomparable Siberian lady - Ch. (WCF) Ch. (TICA) Mittelmeijer Taptalana Verooka!!!!  


And also I want to congratulate myself, on the first experience of the work TICA clerk! The first expert with which I was lucky to work - Pascal Remy (France). From it my first comments also are received!!!