January 04-05, 2014 "BEST CAT of BELARUS 2013"

On January 04-05, 2014 in Minsk there took place extraordinary colourful and on the present a festive cat show of BFC "Felita" the BEST CAT of BELARUS 2013! ! !

My incomparable girls - "lady in red" Mittelmeijer Taptalana Verooka and her doughter - Pumpkin Dragocennost' Moya Verooka once again showed all power and beauty of the Siberian breed! I am proud, rejoice and share our results.

November 23-24, 2013, Minsk, 25 year of BFC "Felita", WCF

On November 23-24 in Minsk the cattery Verooka  took place the international cats show by WCF system.

My incomparable "lady in red" Mittelmeijer Taptalana Verooka, in only three months after the birth a kittens, continued the career, and quite successfully! 

Together with the gentle, strong, warm mother "to the public" left and mine lit a new star sweet Pumpkin - Dragocennost' Moya Verooka. 

Regoinal Winner Taptalana!!!!!

By results of a TICA season of 2012-2013 - our incomparable solar cat Mittelmeijer Taptalana Verooka won a rank of the Regional Winner in the region Northern Europe! ! ! ! !
Also Taptalana became the BEST Siberian kitten in the region Northern Europe and the BEST 4th Siberian kitten in the world!!!!

17 Best Kitten allbreed in EN Region
1 Best Siberian Kitten in EN Region
4 Best Siberian Kitten International

"Cup of Odessa 2013" on March 09-10, 2013

On March 09-10 in Ukraine there took place an exhibition the First Commonwealth of WCF & TICA "Cup of Odessa 2013"
Our cattery, as a part of three cats - Mittelmeijer Taptalana Verooka, Izhitsa Zaimka and the baby Verooka's cattery - Garmoniya Verooka participated in this exhibition, as on WCF system (adult cats), and on TICA (all three cats).

Following the results of an exhibition, our Siberian girl, a kitten - Garmoniya Verooka became the victory!!!  In only 5 months Garmoniya subdued TICA show, entered into 12 finals from 12 possible!!!!
Also there was a TOP the 2nd kitten of a TICA show!!!!

16-17 february, Кaunas (Lithuania), WCF

On February 16-17 my precious Izhitsa Zaimka and Mittelmeijer Taptalana Verooka participated in the international exhibition of cats (WCF) to Kaunas, Lithuania.
Following the results of an exhibition:
Taptalana - 2*CAC, NomBis * 2 days, Best SLH female and Best Op. Sex of the first day of an exhibition!!!!!!
Izhitsa - 2*CAGCIB, NomBis, Best SLH female and Best Op. Sex of the second day of an exhibition!!!!!!

"The Best Cat of Belarus 2012"

December 15-16, 2012 in Minsk there took place the international exhibition "The Best Cat of Belarus 2012"! ! !

Following the results of an exhibition - I congratulate my beauty Izhitsa Zaimka on title closing Inter Champion! ! ! !
Also at Izhitsa get:
NomBis of the first day of an exhibition! ! !
7 place in monobreed show of Siberian cats! ! !
8 place in the Master a ring! ! !